Upload Large Files Directly to GCS with Dropzone and Signed URL’s

Break up files in Chunks on front end

Dropzone.options.dropzoneForm = {
paramName: "file", //name that will be used to transfer the file
acceptedFiles: "image/png, image/jpeg, image/jpeg, video/mp4",
chunking: true, // Enable chunking
chunkSize: 30000000, // Chunk Size
forceChunking: true
  1. GAE does not allow you to have file system access, you can still write files to the /tmp directory but it has a limit of 2GB
  2. Each chunk upload and write was very slow

Direct Upload to GCS using signed URL’s

  • XML : Only this supports signed URL’s so have to use this
  • JSON
from google.cloud.storage._signing import generate_signed_url
API_ACCESS_ENDPOINT = 'https://storage.googleapis.com'
def _get_storage_client():
return storage.Client.from_service_account_json("credentials.json")
def get_signed_url(name, content_type):
client = _get_storage_client()
expiration = datetime.datetime.now()+datetime.timedelta(days=1)
canonical_resource = "/" + settings.CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKET + "/" + safe_filename(name)
url = generate_signed_url(
return url
Dropzone.options.dropzoneForm = {
acceptedFiles: "image/png, image/jpeg, image/jpeg, video/mp4",
method: "PUT",
timeout: null, // Dropzone has a default time out of 30sec
// Get Upload Url dynamically
url: function (files) {
return files[0].dynamicUploadUrl
headers: { // Remove unwanted headers
'Cache-Control': null,
'X-Requested-With': null,
'Accept': null
// IMP: Have to make this configuration to send raw files to GCS
sending: function (file, xhr) {
let _send = xhr.send;
xhr.send = function () {
_send.call(xhr, file);
init: function () {
this.on("success", function (file, response) {
//Inform the server. Uploaded Successfully
accept: function (file, done) {
//Dynamically set the content type header based on file
// uploaded .
this.options.headers['Content-Type'] = file.type;
//Request Signed URL from backend
//On success, Set url in file object which will be used
//in url function above. Something like
//file.dynamicUploadUrl = signed_url;
//call the dropzone

"maxAgeSeconds": 3600,
"method": [
"origin": [
<Your origin whitelist>
"responseHeader": [




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